Ignacio Toomey, our International Sales Manager, was one of the speakers at the event held in San Diego. His speech was focused on exporting challenges of small In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) companies.

Ignacio Toomey and David Barka at the Town & Country Convention Center

Aiming to build diagnostic industry leadership by providing industry knowledge, professional development, and a venue for the exchange of ideas, The Diagnostics Marketing Association (DxMA) promoted the Global Marketing Summit. The event was held in San Diego, from April 13-14, at the Town & Country Hotel. On the invitation of Scherago International’s President, Herbert Burklund, Calbiotech was asked to present about the export challenges of a small IVD company. 

Ignacio Toomey, Herbert Burklund and David Barka at the Town & Country Convention Center

Although new to the industry Ignacio hit the ground running when he joined Calbiotech in October 2014,accumulating a significant amount of knowledge in this competitive market. Ignacio emphasized that personalized communication, identifying commonalities and creative marketing efforts were the keys for success. During his first year, Ignacio was able to identify over 40 new international distributors for Calbiotech. His goal is to surpass that in this year. 

Ignacio Toomey's presentation