Calbiotech has been providing the finest quality products and state-of-the-art services to the global research community for over 15 years. Below are some recent studies that feature Calbiotech products:

1. The Impact of Carrot Enriched in Iodine through Soil Fertilization on Iodine Concentration and Selected Biochemical Parameters in Wistar Rats - Featuring the Calbiotech Mouse/Rat T3 Total ELISA and Mouse/Rat T4 Total ELISA

2. Relationship between Body Mass Index, C-Peptide, and Delta-5-Desaturase Enzyme Activity Estimates in adult males - Featuring  the Calbiotech C-Peptide ELISA

3. The role of the ACE2/ANG-(1-7)/MASR AXIS in the development of obesityhypertension in male and female mice. Calbiotech Mouse/Rat Estradiol ELISA

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