Mouse/Rat Thyroxine (T4) ELISA


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Product type ELISA
96 Tests (12x8 breakable strip wells)
Standard range 1-25 µg/dl
Analytical Sensitivity
1 µg/dl
Sample volume 10 µl/well
Species Mouse or Rat
Application The Calbiotech Mouse/Rat T4 ELISA Kit is intended for the detection of total T4 in mouse or rat serum or plasma. This procedure provides ultra sensitivity and minimum sample volume (10ul per sample) which are very critical for testing Mouse or Rat samples.
The Calbiotech Mouse/Rat T4 kit is a solid phase competitive ELISA. The samples and the diluted T4 enzyme conjugate are added to the wells coated with anti-T4 polyclonal antibody. T4 in the serum competes with a T4 enzyme (HRP) conjugate for binding sites. Unbound T4 and T4 enzyme conjugate is washed off by wash buffer during a wash step. Upon the addition of the substrate, the intensity of color is inversely proportional to the concentration of T4 in the samples. A standard curve is generated relating color intensity to the concentration of the T4.
Storage and Stability Product should be stored at 2-8 °C. Product is stable for 24 months from the date of manufacturing.
Precautions For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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